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Industrial rotating die cutters

Die cutting comes in a variety of different methods, such as flatbed die cutting, press die cutting, laser die cutting and rotary die cutting. Rotary die cutting functions well on high volume cutting projects.

Tebra excels in designing and producing rotating die cutters, embossing rollers and the microscopic precision grinding of cutting rollers. The precise and tailored to the application finishing of the rollers cutting edge by microscopic grinding is one of our most valued specialties.

Rotary die cutter design and manufacturing

Tebra is specialised in design and production of highly sustainable die cutters, with high wear resistance and precision up to 5 µm. The customers’ requirements are the base of our production approach. Our design considers the material to be cut, the roughness, the height and the width of the cut. Our machines are able to produce rollers up to a diameter of 620 mm with a length up to 2000 mm between the centres.

Rotary die cutting is beneficial for:

Die cutter recoating

Worn die cutters up to a dimension of 620 mm x 2000 mm can be recoated. Recoating a die cutter hardens and enhances scratch, wear and corrosion resistance. Apart from recoating used die cutting blades, we can also regrind used blades to work as if they were brand new.

rotary die cutters    die cutter grinding

Interested in our rotating die cutters?

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