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Maintenance and regrinding

Expertise and precision is called for not only in production, but also in servicing and advice for existing blades. Tebra has a specialized team for revision, maintenance and repair of rollers, rotating cutting parts, industrial knives and profile knives made from hardened steel, HSS or tungsten carbide.

Industrial blade sharpening

Our industrial blade sharpening facility can handle almost any sharpening task. We have experience with all forms of cutter regrinding. Our team of skilled engineers ensure that all work is completed to the highest quality standards, in order to return your freshly sharpened blades to a cutting edge standard.

Types of blades we regrind

Our extensive machinery enables us to guarantee the high precision required for specific application. Our blade sharpening and regrinding services are fit for at least the following blade types:

Why regrind blades at Tebra?

This service is geared to enhance precision and to extend tool life. Service files are kept from all cutters for the purpose of minimizing your tool costs. By means of microscopic grinding, we are able to make the cutting edges to the exact finish required for special purposes. We cooperate closely with the client to further extend the life of the blades. Products are thoroughly tested before they are sent back to the customer.

Interested in blade maintenance?

If you are interested in what our industrial blade services could mean for your company, or if you have any questions about regrinding, please contact us.