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Machine Blades for precision cuts

Tebra Knives is a supplier and manufacturer which provides a broad range of industrial blades to companies in the UK. We produce shear blades, circular blades, straight blades, special blades that feature special contours, welded blades, and much more.

At delivery in the UK, the products have to meet customer requirements. By effective test procedures, precise work instructions and highly experienced personnel, we ensure constant high quality.

'Tebra inside': the sharp solution

We supply numerous blades for the food industry in the UK and thus hold profound knowledge in terms of stainless steel blades. These blades are used for the poultry processing industry, French fries production, vegetable cutting, etcetera. Apart from blades for the food industry we also produce blades for many other industries in the UK – among them for instance, the paper industry, the recycling industry, the tobacco industry and rubber industry.

High quality machine knives and blades ensure high performance

Our long-standing experience in combination with a well-trained staff and state-of-the-art technology ensure efficiently produced knives on a constant high quality level. We continuously test materials and knives. We put a lot of emphasis on production feedback. As a result, our knowledge about the production of high quality knives is always up to date. 

Need a specific type of machine knife or machine blade?

We can identify most blades by their article number. By using samples or drawings, we can produce nearly identical blades of blades we do not know.