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Industrial machine knives

Tebra Knives is a supplier and manufacturer which provides a broad range of industrial machine knives. Our machine blades are used in multiple industries and machinery, such as engineering, machine building, food machinery, cutting machines, metal shearing, the recycling and paper industries.

Quality knives to keep your machinery running

Industrial machine knivesAn industrial machine knife failure is capable of bringing your machinery to a halt. We try to refine our manufacturing techniques continuously to live up to the constantly growing standards and expectations when it comes to industrial machine blades. With the smoothest manufacturing possible, we want to make sure your machinery keeps running, with the least possible downtime.

Range of industrial machine knives

The range of possible dimensions for our industrial machine knives are:

These dimensions make for a broad range of different machine knives that we can produce, assuring there is always a machine knife for your application and machinery. If there is none, we can produce a custom machine blade from drawings or as a special blade.

Your machine knife manufacturer

Tebra Knives distinguishes itself from its competitors with knowledge of materials and always choosing the right materials for the right application, also for machine knives. Our industrial machine knives can be supplied with a special coating for non-sticking performance where the demand requires it. Also any other modifications to the blades can be taken care of, just let us know.

Need help with machine knives?

We can identify most machine blades by their type number. By using samples or drawings, we can produce nearly identical knives, or special blades we do not know. We do this in order to provide the best possible service. If you are interested in what our machine knives could mean for your company, or if you have any questions about our blades, please contact us.