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We aim for establishing a strong supply chain. Tebra believes in the power of fixed cooperation – with our suppliers and with our customers. Long-term cooperation and the mutual critical monitoring and analysis of product quality and delivery times may be the difference it takes to be among the market leaders.


In cooperation with our suppliers, we strive to ever-improve the quality of our products. We continuously work on realizing this goal.

Long-term cooperation with our suppliers enables us to guarantee for constantly high quality and properly coordinated delivery times.

Some of our major suppliers are:
♦ Diepstra
♦ Menzing warmte behandeling
♦ Tebra Slijptechniek
♦ Dienes


We aim to establish long-term relationships with our customers. Our customers trust enables us to increasingly focus on products and improve our supply processes. As a result, our regular customers appreciate the reliable delivery times we offer and the continuous improvement of our products quality. In case of need, we assist and support our customers. We are always aware of the fact that our customers success is the base for our own success.