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Packaging industry machine blades

Tebra is a supplier of new blades and grinding services for the packaging industry for many years now. Whether it comes to blades with sharpened teeth, circular knives or shearing blades: all these blades fit into our production program. Our knowledge of the different types of steel makes sure we can make the right choices for your production. By hardening according to precise procedures and by the careful execution of the grinding process we create optimal machine blades for your application. Packaging blades and knives require close tolerances. At Tebra we have the expertise to deal with special requirements that are not visible to the naked eye. Special packaging knives are a challenge for us, but our diverse machines and the expertise of our employees ensure that no challenge is too much to handle.

Specialized in custom packaging knives

Custom packaging knives made from premium hardened steel and fine grade stainless steels belong to our specialties. We manufacture machine knives  and industrial blades for packaging industries including fresh and dry food packaging, medical packaging and plastic bag manufacturing. Some of our knife applications include perforating, cutting, rewinding and cross cutting applications. Our packaging knives and industrial blades come in various shapes. We produce straight blades, circular blades, serrated blades, and other machine blades in various shapes.

Blades for packaging machinery

Examples of machinery we can supply blades for:

Packaging industry blades

The knives used in this branch that we can supply: