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Recycling blades

Tebra Knives provides a broad range of industrial blades. We produce shear blades, circular blades, straight blades, special blades that feature special contours, welded blades, and much more. But that is not the only thing we do!

Here at Tebra Knives we value the environment and therefore are a fan of re-using products and recycling. We believe that with the right blades, almost everything can be recycled. In order to live up to that aim we supply a range of blades for the recycling industry, to make sure no materials are wasted. We supply a number of categories of knives.

The wide range of blades we supply to the recycling industry:blade for recycling industry

So, if you value the environment and are against wasting, just like us, choose Tebra Knives blades for your recycling business to make sure your waste can be properly recycled.

Recycling industry blades

The knives used in this branch that we can supply: